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Archive: Jun 2013

  1. A Guide to Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher

      All workplaces are legally required to have fire extinguishers installed and maintained. Here’s our short guide to choosing and using fire extinguishers.   The theory of fire   Fire is a chemical reaction between heat, oxygen and fuel. Together they make up the fire triangle and these three elements are necessary for any fire […]

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  2. False Fire Alarm

    How Do Fire Brigades Respond To False Fire Alarms?

    The Fire Service wastes so much time and money responding to False Fire Alarms every year that some Fire Brigades have created a new system in dealing with them. Although every Brigade has its own guidelines, here are some of the general points: If a call is received as a result of an automatic fire […]

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  3. Fire Assembly Point

    Legal Requirements for the Location of Fire Assembly Points

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) requires that “emergency routes and exits must lead as directly as possible to a place of safety” and that procedures for serious and imminent danger must enable the persons concerned to “immediately proceed to a place of safety in the event of their being exposed to serious, […]

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