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Archive: Jul 2013

  1. Legal Signs

    How To Be Legal (When Using Signs Around The Workplace)

    Enforcing the presence of Health & Safety Signs in all workplaces across the UK has to be done through a certain amount of legislation – see the Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996.This is unavoidable and it is therefore crucial that you ensure your company is wholly compliant. The regulations cover everything […]

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  2. Fire Doors

    Five Common Problems With Fire Doors

    Hotels are the buildings that need fire doors the most.  People don’t know the building layout if they’re only there for one night and because of this, they need the additional time to evacuate.  But these are the five most common problems with fire doors in hotels – problems they really cannot afford to have. […]

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  3. Burning Building

    How To Prevent Workplace Fires This Summer

    Shocking figures show that during 2010-2011, 19 people in the UK died in workplace fires.   Sanjay Saggar, Managing Director for The Fire Safety Company, said: “We want you to enjoy the summer but to spare a thought about what steps can be taken to prevent workplace fires.These hot dry conditions are almost picture perfect […]

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  4. Fire Alarm Panel

    Fire Alarm Panels: Your Fire Lifesaver

    You’ve probably stood for minutes at a time waving a piece of paper or a tea towel at your domestic fire alarm.  It’s loud, its irritating and there is seemingly nothing to control it’s random outbursts.   Fortunately, that doesn’t have to happen at work.   There are systems so advanced in some work places […]

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