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How Do Fire Brigades Respond To False Fire Alarms?

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The Fire Service wastes so much time and money responding to False Fire Alarms every year that some Fire Brigades have created a new system in dealing with them. Although every Brigade has its own guidelines, here are some of the general points:

  • If a call is received as a result of an automatic fire alarm system, the Fire Brigade will ask the company that looks after the system (an alarm receiving centre) OR someone on-site to confirm whether there is a fire. If it is a false alarm, the call will be cancelled
  • If there is a fire, the Fire Service attends as it normally would.
  • If a fire cannot be confirmed, one fire engine will be sent at blue light speed to investigate.
  • If it was a false alarm, fire officers will visit the premises if there are three+ false alarms in 48 days or two+ in 28 days.   A full action plan will be drawn up and a Fire Safety Audit will be performed (if there has not been one in the previous 12 months).
  • If there are then three+ further false alarms in 48 days or a further two+ in 28 days, the Service will not attend further calls from the automatic system until either the system is repaired or all recommended action is completed.

Dealing with False Alarms costs the Fire and Rescue Services alone £37 million a year!  Its no wonder that they’re trying to find new ways of dealing with them.  Help them out.  If you have a fire alarm which keeps going off, get in touch and we’ll deal with any questions you might have.

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