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Fire Evacuation Procedure & Drills

Evacuation Drills

The Fire Safety Company will organise and invigilate Fire Evacuations with the aim of enhancing staff awareness. Our consultants will identify and rectify problem areas, with the end result being a smooth, well-organised fire evacuation with minimum disruption.

The "total" package consists of:

a) Liaising with an appropriate person to arrange a mutually convenient date and time on which to hold the evacuation drill – what we term "drill notification letters".

b) Ensuring that the local Fire Brigade are aware and briefed (should the need arise).

c) Initiating the fire alarm system.

d) Observing personnel's reaction to the alarm whilst time keeping.

e) With the exception of key staff, ensure all remaining personnel return to the building as soon as the drill is over to resume normal working activities.

f) A post–drill meeting is held with key personnel to discuss how to improve in the future.

g) A full report of the drill will be sent to the appropriate person. The report will include a break down of events, danger areas, strong points, recommendations for improvement and the way forward.

Your complete Fire Evacuation package is designed to test staff procedures in an emergency. The program satisfies the statutory requirements incumbent on building owners.