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Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

Our trained fire alarm tester will attend the building each week at the same designated time, and will conduct the weekly fire alarm test in accordance with the requirements laid out in British Standard BS 5839. A different manual call point will be used during each weekly test, so that all call points in the building are tested in rotation. The test will confirm that the control equipment is capable of processing a fire alarm signal and providing an output to fire alarm sounders and to ensure that the fire alarm signal is correctly received at any alarm receiving centre to which the fire alarm signals are transmitted.

The results of the test will be recorded in the client’s Fire Log Book and should the results be unacceptable, the managing agent will be informed that day, notifying you of the fault and the necessary action that needs to be taken to rectify the problem.

Every month a single page report on each property will be sent to the client. 

The benefits we offer include: